Below are some kind words from our customers;

"I got top dollar for my old car which I hadn't moved for 2 years. All I had to do was make the phone call. Thanks Auto Removals."

K. Clapham from Wellington

"My old car was ruining our property and making the front of our property look untidy and unkept. When we realized we werent ever going to fix it we called Auto Removals and they took care of the rest. Making some money in the process! Thanks."

L. Painter from Christchurch

"Hassle free and a great service. Thanks Auto Removals."

S. Andrews from Lower Hutt

"I can't believe how long I let my ugly old cars sit on my driveway. I never knew how easy it would be to get rid of them, let alone get some money for them!"

U. Willis from Christchurch


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