Who is Autoremovals and what we do?

Autoremovals is a 24 hour free vehicle removal company. We will come and take away any unwanted car free of charge.

What areas does Autoremovals cover?

We service Wellington, Kapiti Coast, Palmerston North, Wairarapa, Canterbury and other areas by appointment.

When will Autoremovals remove my car?
  • Within one hour of you contacting us.
  • Early hours, late nights in your lunch break.
  • The best time to suite you, we will work with you to make a suitable time.
What type of cars does Autoremovals take?

We take any unwanted Cars; Ute’s, Vans, 4×4’s, Trucks

What condition does the vehicle have to be in?

Any condition even if it is smashed, crashed, rusty, broken down, dead or unwanted we will take it. We will also take cars in running condition.

How do I get my car removed?

Call 0800800721 or fill out our free online quote.

How much will it cost to have my car removed?

Autoremovals will remove your car free of charge.

Does Autoremovals sell spare parts?

Yes we sell spare parts. To find out if we have the parts you need you can, call us or contact us via our website.

What does Autoremovals do with the vehicles?

Once we remove the vehicle we will take it back to our yard and remove the parts that are able to be recycled. Remove all of the oils and fluids and the rest of the car body will be scraped. If the car is still in good condition we work on it to put it back on the road.

Autoremovals Quote’s

How does Autoremovals quote my vehicle?

When you call or fill out the online quote we will be able to give you an estimated price for your vehicle. When the tow truck comes out to you they will give you a set value for your vehicle depending on the condition. If you are happy with everything then the driver will give you cash and take the vehicle away.

How much will I get for my car?

Autoremovals can pay you $150 up to $500 for a car and $500 up to $5000 for 4x4s, Ute’s and trucks. If your vehicle is in good condition and is worth more we will offer you more cash. (Conditions apply)

How will Autoremovals pay me for my car?

When the car is on the tow truck, we will pay you in cash right there.

When will my car be removed?

Once you have contacted Autoremovals, we then will arrange a time suitable for you to meet and view the vehicle with us and have it removed.

Do I need to be there when my car is removed?

You will need to be there when the car is being removed to do legal documents and receive the payment unless it has been arranged before pickup.

We can remove your car without you being there if you communicate with us via email and provide all the documents needed. We will transfer the agreed amount into your bank account or post a cheque to you.

Can I deliver the car to your yard?

Yes, you can arrange a time to meet us at the yard to sell your car.

Removal of my car

Will I need to take a day of work?

No, having Autoremovals to remove your car is a simple process. We will only need to have your time for ten minutes to fill out our purchase book and collect your payment. We are able to meet with you at any time that suite’s you best.

Do I need to have the vehicle keys?

Yes, you need the keys but if you have lost the keys you will need to provide us with proof of ownership or be willing to have the vehicle checked for ownership.

What paperwork do I need to have to remove my vehicle?

When you meet with us to remove your car you will need to be the owner of the car or a representative with a current form of photo identification.

Passport, driver’s license, Birth Certificate, 18+ card or any other legal form of identification.

What legal documents do I need to fill out?

We require you to fill out our buy and sell agreement book which is a proof that you sold the vehicle to Autoremovals and a receipt for payment will be issued to you.

What happens to the ownership of the car when it is removed?

We will hand the plates to you to take it to your local NZTA agents. They are VTNZ, VINZ or AA stores to cancel the registration (MR15). You will need to be the owner of the car and have current photo identification to cancel the registration or the plates. This will not cost you any money to cancel the registration unless your vehicle is in arrears for registration or diesel mileage. If your vehicle is registered you are entitled to reclaim the registration (the remaining period) and NZTA will send you a check via mail.

If we are purchasing the car with the plates you will need to fill out a vehicle disposal (MR13A) form and put Autoremovals details as the new owner and post it away. Autoremovals will then change the ownership into their name.

Our drivers will provide you with these forms if needed.

For help cancelling your registration please follow the link below;

If there are any complaints with the customer service or the way the driver treats you, please feel free to fill up the contact page form and explain to us what happened, management will address it seriously.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

We hold the right to refuse to purchase your vehicle without any explanation.

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