About Us

Auto Removals are car geeks. We love cars and anything car or car part related. Every one of the Auto Removals team knows the workings of every make of car inside and out, from engine to air con. That's the kind of car geeks we are. And when we're not working on cars, we're driving them.

So it goes without saying that we love talking about cars, and about what we can do with your unwanted cars.

At Auto Removals we want a better tomorrow by caring about today's environment. We believe in 100% recycling. We do our bit for the environment by providing the best service for unwanted Vehicle removals throughout Wellington and Canterbury.

We simply pay the best price in town for your unwanted vehicles. We travel Wellington and Canterbury region wide. We also supply cheap second hand car, van, ute, 4wd and truck parts. So call and talk one of our friendly team. TURN YOUR TRASH INTO CASH!

Call Auto Removals now to cash in on the one that didn't work out.

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